[RISE BPM 공동연구] Moritz von Hoffen, Carlos Müller 본교 방문

2017-02-14 07:16
RISE BPM 공동연구를 위하여, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster(WWU)에서 Moritz von Hoffen, Universidad de Sevilla (USE)에서 Carlos Müller가 본교에 방문하였습니다.

Goal of Stay:
Moritz von Hoffen: During my secondment at POSTECH university, I would like to pursue two different research endeavors.
The first idea is to work on the application of sentiment analysis methods in the domain of the Sharing Economy. This research is closely related to WP1. In this context, I would like to conduct sentiment analysis on two different kinds of data provided from users of the Airbnb service. At first, tweets mentioning the hashtag #airbnb were collected over a duration of a couple of prior to my secondment. These tweets will be analyzed using techniques of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis to derive insights regarding factors affecting service delivery in the Sharing Economy. Complementary to the analysis of tweets, reviews provided on the Airbnb website will also be analyzed. This serves the cause to investigate, whether the sentiments contained in tweets are in line with the ones mentioned in reviews.
The second idea that I would like to work on is the analysis of charging transaction data of electric vehicle’s charging transaction. Due to the real-time analytics and the involved smart charging stations, the WP2 and WP3 and possibly WP4 will benefit from this research. The enrichment of charging transaction data with contextual information, e.g. weather and POIs nearby, can be used to learn about charging behavior. In previous communication, the option of retrieving charging transaction data of the Korean-based PMGROW was discussed. Such a data set would allow for application of the different approaches for analytics and should yield interesting results.

Carlos Müller: The present stay is part of the WP3: Real-Time Computing involved in the first phase of the RISE BPM Project. Specifically, the objectives of this WP are:
To analyze real-time computing concepts and technology for the low latency monitoring and control of business process.
Analysis of the influence of real-time computing on the four areas of BPM.
Investigation of the mechanisms enabling organizations to respond to changes in their processes efficiently and effectively.
Since our research group have been working hard in the recent months on an interesting SLA & BPM-based monitoring platform for the Andalusian regional government health care system, the main goal of the secondment is to combine such a platform with the techniques applied by Minseok group to the Korean health care system or to the samsung company.

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