[RISE BPM 공동연구] Friedrich Chasin의 본교 방문

2016-03-02 07:56
2016. 02. 15. - 04. 06.

RISE BPM 공동연구를 위하여.  Friedrich Chasin이 본교에 방문하였습니다.

Goal of the stay: The goal of the secondment is to analyze the processes and the structure of the businesses within the Sharing Economy that are part of the Sharing City Seoul Initiative. Sharing City Seoul is a governmental project that created partnerships with NGOs and private companies to make sharing an integral part of Seoul's economy. A particular goal is to understanding how smart devices are utilized by these sharing businesses in order to facilitate the sharing between individuals. Currently, several barriers exist, which limit the possible scenarios for exercising peer-to-peer sharing of various resources between individuals. An effective use of 'intelligent' devices is a potential solution for the emerged challenges and have high implications for the BPM within the domain of Sharing Economy of tomorrow. By analyzing the state of the art of the processes in the Sharing Economy businesses, it is our goal to be able to add knowledge to the body of research and provide implications for the emerging businesses in the practice. The aim of the project is therefore directly aligned with the goals defined in the WP2. Furthermore, given the nature of the Sharing Economy phenomenon, the project adds knowledge in regard to the societal impact factors in BPM to the outcome of the WP5.

Friedrich's Homepage: http://erc.is/p/chasin
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