[RISE BPM 공동연구] Sebastiaan Zelst,van, Maikel Eck,van 본교 방문

2016-05-17 06:51
RISE BPM 공동연구를 위하여, Eindhoven University of Technology 에서 Sebastiaan Zelst,van, Maikel Eck,van 이 본교에 방문하였습니다.

Goal of the stay:

Sebastiaan Zelst, van: Resource Network analysis in data intensive environments. Given the omnipresence of data, and, the high velocity at which data is produced within business processes, interesting questions arise such as: what resources are currently active? what resource is causing problems? What clusters of resources can we identify? etc. During the research visit we focus on discovering, visualizing analyzing such information, using a process mining focus. We investigate the intersection of existing (process mining based) social network analysis techniques, and, techniques aiming at handling huge amounts of (streaming) data.
Maikel Eck, van: The aim of process mining is to provide fact-based insights into the execution of processes. An important aspect of this is the discovery of process models based on behaviour captured in event data. During this research visit we investigate the discovery of state-based process models in on-line settings with changing processes.
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