Course Roadmap

If you are interested in joining our group, it is recommended to take the following courses or equivalents (not mandatory).

Industrial & Management Engineering

  • IMEN272 Probability and Statistics for Engineers (or MATH230 Probability and Statistics)
  • IMEN281 Information System Technology
  • IMEN382 Database Systems (or CSED421 Databases System)
  • IMEN483 System Analysis & Design
  • IMEN472 Statistical Data Mining
  • IMEN473 Business Analytics
  • IMEN481 Simulation

Mathematics & Computer Science

  • MATH203 Applied Linear Algebra
  • CSED232 Object Oriented Programming
  • CSED261 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (or MATH261 Discrete Mathematics)
  • CSED233 Data Structure
  • CSED331 Algorithm
  • CSED426 Big Data
  • CSED442 Artificial Intelligence